The Drinks

The Coffee Bar​

The Pascal   5

double shot espresso+chocolate+skim milk topped with whipped cream and crushed pralines.

    Espresso   2.5                  Cappuccino   4

    Latte   4                             Caffè Americano   3.5

    Iced Latte 4                     Iced Americano 3.5

    Caffè Mocha   4.75        Caffè Macchiato   3

    Café con leche   4

House Drip   regular or decaf  (12oz.) 2  /  (16oz.) 2.5

Hot Chocolate   3.5

Hot Tea   2.5

Mint Tea 2.25

Cold Milk   sm 3 / lg 5

             We proudly serve locally roasted @joffreyscoffeeandtea coffee

Freshly brewed iced tea!​

Classic unsweetened tea    2.5

Blackberry Jasmine iced tea   2.5


Apple Juice or Orange Juice   sm 4 / lg 6

Wine by the glass

Mas Fi Cava Brut   7 / 21​Spy Valley Sauvignon   7 / 31​Angeline Chardonnay   7 / 24​Le Charmel Pinot   8 / 24​Milbrandt Cabernet   8 / 24​Catena Malbec   9 / 32

All New!!! Happy Hour

Mon-Fri 12pm-4pm

$1off Beer and Wine

​Weekends – Endless Mimosas and Sangria $10


Reel Lite  can  5   ABV 4.2%​Seclusion IPA (Gluten Free) can      5  AVB 4.9%​Bombshell Blond can   5   AVB  5.3%​Amber Lager can  5   ABV  4.9%​Wittekerke can   5   ABV   5%​Bavik Pilsner can   5   ABV  5.2%​Weihenstephaner Hefe bottle   5   ABV  5.4%​Old Speckled Hen  bottle 5  ABV 6.5%​Iron City Light or IC Light Mango bottle   5  ABV  4.2%


Pascal’s is proud to buy local

& be a fresh kitchen.

 Our goal is to source fresh, seasonal ingredients and create a fun, healthy and delicious experience for our guests. Whenever possible we acquire product from local, passionate food and beverage artisans. Those who share the like appetite that Pascal’s has for food and art will enjoy time with us. From the art on our walls, the breads in our service to the quality coffees we serve, Pascal’s has put together a concept to meet our guests needs and exceed their expectations.  We work hard to set the standard that we feel our guests expect. By making our food from scratch, we know each ingredient that goes to a plate. This ensures that we can provide information concerning allergens and nutritional needs for our guests. Albeit we are not a health food restaurant, the approach to freshness makes our food healthier while not sacrificing the soul satisfying enjoyment that only ‘comfort food’ can provide.